Solar water heater
Strawbale, as building material
Fresh water
12.07.2017 - პრეს-რელიზი: საქართველოს სამოქალაქო საზოგადოების ორგანიზაციები ხელს შეუწყობენ სოფლად/რეგიონებში ევროპასთან თავისუფალ ვაჭრობას
03.07.2017 - Meeting between the members of the cooperatives created within the project "BLF" and "Kakheti Bio" representatives in RCDA
28.06.2017 - RCDA held training on fruit and vegetable drying technologies and production of candied fruit and fruit leather
19.06.2017 - eco-club members from Tianeti N1 public school and village Mekeliani public school visited RCDA
19.06.2017 - RCDA hosted the training within the project DCFTA
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We live at a critical moment in human history. Our activities today will determine the well being of all future generations. We believe hopeful and positive options are available to meet current and future needs, preserving and enhancing human capacities to sustain the well being. Rural Communities Development Agency’s work is inspired and guided by this belief.

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