Meeting between the members of the cooperatives created within the project "BLF" and "Kakheti Bio" representatives in RCDA

On July 2, 2017 Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA) held an informational-consultation meeting between the members of the cooperatives established within the project “Forest Fruits – Markets for Women” and the representatives of the procurement company - “Kakheti Bio”.


At the meeting both sides discussed the issues of realization and bio certification of two products (Common Yarrow, St. John’s Wort) collected by cooperatives. At the end of the meeting, the cooperatives presented two kinds of candied friuts made by them for testing.


"Ltd Kakheti Bio" is the middleman company of the German company "Rose Office" in Georgia, this year “Kakheti Bio" has exported a primrose flower in Germany, collected by the cooperatives established with the support of RCDA. At this stage the company continues strategic partnership with cooperatives.

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