Within the framework of the project "Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy", RCDA held a regional informational meeting.

Regional stakeholder information meetin g was held by RCDA  ithin the framework of the project “Building local capacities in environmental protection and utilization of renewable energy resources”.

The participants of the meeting were community representatives. Local authorities, regional government, local CBOs and NGOs, small businesses, representatives of regional consultation centers.

During the meeting publication “Manual for Construction of Solar Hot Water Collectors” (See the publication on the link: goo.gl/Sr3aTV) and brochure “Climate Change Causes and Consequences”  ( Link: goo.gl/YAC5Xx ) were presented.

RCDA was started implementation of this project in 2016 and since that time, within  the scope of the project 7200 fast-growing, multipurpose species of trees are planted alongside eroded land areas by  community members, 14 solar hot solar water collectors  constructed with participation of community members and installed,  2 in each community.  7 solar dryers of different modifications and capacity are constructed and installed. 7 briquette machines are constructed and households produce fuel-briquettes from residues, 7 Energy Efficient Stoves that decrease the consumption of firewood by 65% are constructed 

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